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16 Oct 2018

Material for Inspection Equipment Curtains

AIC Magnetics Ltd M44
for Electronics, Automotive, Semiconductor, LED, Battery, PCB/ SMT…

Our Lead-free material can be used in protective curtain material and curtains for industrial and airport inspection machines. 

  • Better Abrasion-resistantance: Premium double-side coated cloth.
  • More durable: Grid fabric interlayer.
  • Soft and holddown.
  • Full sizes for various models.

Lead-free shielding material

Color: Black.
Lead equivalent: 0.35mm/0.5mmPb
Thickness: 2.0mm/2.4mm
Gram weight: 5.68/7.48kg/m2
Hardness: 65±5(Shore A)
Tensile strength: 12MPa
Temperature range: -40℃~70℃

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