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26 Sep 2018

London Welcomes Gates Defense Systems to the International Security Expo!

Gates Defense Systems M52

Gates Defense Systems, formerly SMR Tech is applying advanced research to critical infrastructure, creating intelligent operating platforms for security, defense, supply chain, and industrial development - and they are coming to the UK in November!





Los Angeles, CA, Sep 18 2018. Exhibiting in November at the International Security Expo 2018 in London, following recent successful overseas engagements in Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, UAE, Turkey, Ukraine and Qatar -  U.S based Gates Defense Systems (GDS) is bringing revolutionary security technology to the United Kingdom.

GDS have proven themselves to be at the leading edge of mission and security design. The company has embarked on a relentless expansion program for the last six months, focussing on three major solutions sets while creating a sophisticated R&D program.

“ We have built our company around a team of talented individuals, who’s commitment to common vision have allowed us to move rapidly, bringing strategic and operational defense solutions to the forward deployed, and the everchanging private sector,” explains Michael Gates the CEO & Founding Partner.

Gates, a former senior executive with International Airlines Group (LSE:IAG) and member of the US National Security think tank community , believes strongly in the necessity to embrace the client’s needs, applying GDS’s unique blend of applications & skill sets toward achieving solutions that support those operating on the front end.

“ We can integrate with legacy systems and build value on existing infrastructure investments. Our solutions reflect our team’s unique ability to understand, identify, and enhance technology‐based innovations, with the goal of swift adoption, increased scalability, and overall sustainability of the solution”.

The company will be demonstrating two of their solutions at Olympia, on 28-29 November 2018:

- OptimaFP: Represents the next generation of biometric ID & access control, and inventory management systems, with the revolutionary levels of data compression & encryption to secure information .

- VanguardX: Is truly an intelligence force multiplier. Creating actionable intelligence from disparate sources, VGX allows agencies and organizations to leverage the latest in AI and OSINT collection technology on one platform – also serving as a command/ control apparatus.

“ We work as your solution partner to ensure seamless implementation of vetted solutions into your operations. Our unique approach, combined with the support services we offer, can cut the multi‐year development cycle of a new capabilities to less than one year, in most cases,” adds Gates.“Our next goal will be to open an office in the UK. It’s an attractive destination for US companies like Gates Defense Systems, looking to expand into foreign markets. We enjoy a special relationship with our friends and colleagues from across the pond - it makes absolute sense to be here.”

If you would like more information about this topic, please email: info@gatesdefense.com

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