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10 Oct 2018

Guard Shacks / Shelters / Citadel Armoring / Panic Rooms / Military & Police Equipment

Euro Trade G42
Critical Equipment Shelter by EUROtrade S.A. / Military Equipment

Tailor made anti-ballistic constructions

With 40 years of experience, our philosophy is key to our success. The four pillars on which we thrive are: Innovation, Consistence, Reliability and Economy.

For over 40 years now, with specialized personnel and in collaboration with renowned specialists, EUROtrade S.A. offers quality solutions even to the most complex building problems.

With a state of the art factory and a proprietary office building, staffed with high caliber executives, expert associate engineers, architects and a specialized technical team EUROtrade S.A. stands by your side. Next to you. For your every single need, with truly innovative solutions and ideas.

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