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12 Nov 2018

First-time Display for Weatherproof Electric Bolt Lock

Magnet Shultz B12
New Elecrtic Bolt Lock - Weatherproof (EBL-W) from MSL

Attending the International Security Expo for the first time, the UK’s leading authority on electric actuators and solenoid subassemblies has chosen to show its acclaimed weatherproof electric bolt lock. Magnet Schultz Ltd (MSL) introduced the fully-enclosed ‘EBL-W’ locking mechanism in 2017 but has not shown the unit in public.

Since its market introduction, the maintenance-free EBL-W (Electric Bolt Lock - Weatherproof) has been adopted by MSL customers across industry sectors where waterproofing and ingress prevention are imperative, typically in harsh and demanding environments. It features a robust anodised casing machined from a solid aluminium billet and features seals around the moving bolt and internal actuator pathway to provide IP65 compliance.

Applications include seagoing vessels, gates in exposed locations, external security doors and safety interlocking on bio-med and food preparation equipment subjected to aggressive clean-down procedures. To ensure security integrity, the EBL-W design can optionally incorporate a special ‘anti-jacking’ actuator mechanism to prevent intruders using force to gain access.

In addition to its EBL-W unit, MSL will also showcase a high-end waterproof Marine Lock finished in aesthetically-pleasing polished V4A stainless steel. Specifically designed for onboard marine applications, these slim electric lock mechanisms are widely used in applications on Superyachts and other prestige craft to provide anti-piracy rapid centralised lockdown from the helm position. Like the EBL-W unit, the electric Marine Lock features hermetic seals and can include anti-jacking technology.

Magnet Schultz Ltd is known for its bespoke actuator and electromechanical assembly design expertise. This unique total service extends from concept to tested prototype and on to production manufacture. It helps mitigate or eliminate the risk and costs of in-house development projects for bespoke solenoid applications. Both the EBL-W and Marine Lock products originated as custom projects for special-purpose locking solutions.

Details of both high-grade electric lock modules can be found on the new Magnet Schultz Ltd website https://www.magnetschultz.co.uk/products/shotbolts-and-locks/boltsweatherproof

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