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03 Oct 2018

Explosive Detection Dogs: Can they help increase security at your next event?

Explosive Detection Dog

Obtaining commercial or military grade explosives in the UK is very difficult but this has led to terrorists resorting to the manufacture of home-made explosives (HME). HMEs are often described by acronyms such as TATP, ETN and HMTD. They are invariably unstable, very sensitive and extremely powerful – comparable to TNT in strength. The past two terrorist incidents using explosives - at Manchester Arena and the London Tube – both used TATP.

Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) are capable of detecting minute traces of explosives concealed in bags, clothing or hidden in premises. EDD teams can provide a versatile, mobile and real-time search and detection capability that can offer significant benefits to many operations. Most dogs are trained to give a passive indication, which preserves forensic evidence, reduces the likelihood of the device being activated unintentionally and allows their safe use in screening of people.

EDD training is an intensive process and begins with building the dogs’ ‘vocabulary’ of suspicious odours, imprinted into the dog’s brain by repetition and reward. Currently, most dogs are trained to indicate commercial explosives such as dynamite, TNT, water gel, different plastic explosives and Semtex. With the increase use in home made explosives, dogs now need to be able to recognise and react to ETN, ANS, TATP and HMTD – with the likelihood this will continue to increase.

Working with our NASDU registered partners, T&L Ltd, ISSEE has developed a comprehensive and unparalleled training and service delivery package which trains and ‘licences’ Explosive Detection Dogs to detect both commercial and home-made explosives.

Training is introduced to each dog and then reinforced by regular, mandatory continuation training throughout the year  Each new training session is enhanced with support material indicating any new and developing threats to ensure both dog and handler - the EDD team – remain current and effective.

ISSEE is already recognised as a world leader in the provision of Counter Terrorist consultancy and training across both government and the commercial sectors. By extending its service-offering to include EDD training, ISSEE is even better placed to fulfil its ‘First Choice’ position as a provider of proven and academically recognised security consultancy and services

For more information on ISSEE and enquiries about how we can provide EDD Teams to enhance your security contact us at www.issee.co.uk.

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