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27 Nov 2018


Cova Security Gates C40

The newly re-branded International Security Expo is the fastest growing security event worldwide, and Cova are delighted to have chosen this exhibition as the platform to maximise exposure of this product.


Product Information
Cova have worked with world leading HVM Security Specialists to design and deliver their first Engineered Solution Crash Rated 'Surface Fixed' 30mph (48km/h) Bi-Folding Gate - CSG 10630.

The product has been engineered to prevent a Class N1 vehicle weighing 3500kg (7700lb) from impact at 30mph (48km/h). This is the third crash rated bi-folding gate in their hostile vehicle mitigation portfolio, of which they can now offer protection from vehicle impact at 30mph, 40mph and 50mph.

Benefits & Solution
This ‘surface fixed’ crash rated bi-folding gate has been specifically designed to overcome situations where it is impossible or impractical to excavate an existing slab such as in underground or multi-story car parks, or sites where the slab depth is limited.

With the increased threat around the world for vehicles being used as a weapon, this is the latest product on the market to provide an alternative solution for a crash rated bi-folding gate which offers high level security to underground car parks and buildings that otherwise would remain unprotected.

The Design
A standard profile base plate is 'surface fixed' to the road or car park floor using a minimal number of concrete anchors. The thickness of the base slab material for the gates to be fixed in place is minimum 250mm, so eliminating the need for foundation excavation.

For more than 30 years Cova Security Gates have committed considerable time and investment into research and development resulting in an extensive range of hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) products, all offering guaranteed maximum levels of protection.

Every product is designed and manufactured to the highest quality and is factory tested in house to ensure they meet world-class safety standards.

Launched exclusively at International Security Expo, further details of the CSG 10630 product can be found here www.covasecuritygates.com

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