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28 Oct 2018

Compact Lane

Selfcair UK Ltd C30
Compact Lane

The purpose of SELFCAIR Compact Lane  is: 

            1) To improve passenger comfort

            2) To increase drop off speed so that:

                            - Lanes are shorter (lenght cut in half, does not exceed 7 meters), or

                            - Throughput is faster (speed multiplied by 4 thanks to new type of x-ray machines)

Security facilities infringe on floor space while airports strive to grow retail areas. To increase passengers throughput security lanes currently reach eighteen meters in length. Many terminals can’t accommodate such huge footprint. The result is insufficient capacity and long queues if not total impossibility to install new TRS lanes.

Throughput of security lanes is constrained by slowest passengers. Who nevertheless feel hustled/push around leading to incorrect divest and time lost somewhere along the process.

While parallel divest does not really solve the issue, SELFCAIR TROLLEY LANE© is an attempt to respond to this double challenge.

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