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06 Jun 2019

CBRNe World magazine presents: Asymmetric Threats Event

CBRNe World M93

They are naturally high profile, bring a lot of individuals together, and while security can be tight it has to be loose enough to let people pass through seamlessly. 

Terrorist organisations are now not only targeting the venue itself, but also the surrounding area where individuals queue or gather before or after the event. This means that the outer cordon needs to be extended, but if that security is also too tight it is simply moving the problem further out, rather than resolving it.


What security forces need to do is insert measures seamlessly into the event, ensuring that there are layers of overt and invisible security, flushing out bad actors and ensuring people are safe and having a good time!

For three days in June experts from around the world are going to gather at Old Trafford, home of Manchester United, to be able to discuss best practice in protecting HVE from both conventional (drones, explosives and firearm) and non-conventional (chemical, biological and radiological) threats. 

Speakers will come from areas that have already suffered an attack or are in the process of preparing for one. With over 200 delegates and 40 exhibitors it will be a landmark event and build on the success of previous events that focussed on HVE security in Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo.

With a Platinum sponsor, in the shape of Rapiscan Systems, already in place the remaining booths are likely to sell fast, and exhibitors should contact either james.ross@cbrneworld.net or david.levitt@cbrneworld.net to book the remaining stands.

More information will shortly be available on www.cbrneworld.com but you can email zoe.rutherford@cbrneworld.net to keep up to date with the latest speakers and exhibitors!


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