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29 Oct 2018


Pinnacle Response A30
body cameras for ERY council

In May, Body worn cameras from Pinnacle Response were brought in as part of a safety measure by East Riding of Yorkshire Council. 

Recent security measures were required as Civil Enforcement Officers have been subject to both physical and verbal abuse whilst at work. Civil Enforcement Officers from East Riding of Yorkshire Council previously encountered over 120 incidents where some officers were left injured. These incidents ranged from verbal abuse to physical aggression against Civil Enforcement Officers. 

Body cameras have been proven to act as a deterrent, often prompting modified behaviour and acting as a means of de-escalating tense situations, affording increased protection for Civil Enforcement Officers. East Riding of Yorkshire Council invested in body worn cameras to help their staff feel safer at work, often in lone worker environments. 

Alan Whitley, Sales Director at Pinnacle Response said“We were delighted to be chosen as the body worn camera manufacturer of choice for East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Staff safety is a key priority for them and our body worn cameras have been utilised across the UK as a deterrent to antisocial and aggressive behaviour. We look forward to continuing to work with East Riding of Yorkshire Council”. 

David Hepworth, Parking Operations Manager, at East Riding of Yorkshire Council said“The civil enforcement officers themselves asked us to introduce the body cameras and we are pleased to be able to provide them. Pinnacle Response provide our Body Cameras, and we are delighted with the performance of the cameras and the support and service we have received from Pinnacle as part of the implementation of the cameras for all our Civil Enforcement Officers. Many authorities across the country are now using body cameras and they have proved extremely effective in reducing the number of incidents involving abusive and aggressive behaviour. They will act as a deterrent to stop these situations happening in the first place and to make our officers feel safer as they go about their duties. Thankfully the majority of motorists are very respectful to our officers".

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