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10 Oct 2018

Announcing a new range of security turnstiles externally accredited to LPS1175: Issue 7 certificate 1495a

Clarke Instruments K82
1491 turnstile SR4 rated

Based on existing designs, which have been enhanced to meet the requirement of LPS1175, the company has a range of turnstiles from SR1 to SR4, offering a mixture of single and double units, with straight bar, hooped bar and paddle bar rotors.

The 1491-204-HFA hooped D Bar filled armor shaped rotor paddle turnstile featured here is SR4 rated and is top of the range when it comes to physical strength and ability to withstand attack.

The complete range of products have been tested, approved and certified to LPS1175: Issue 7 certificate 1495a. 

We are the first company to be certified to Issue 7 and the only turnstile company certified to Issue 7. Our range is extensive, with a total of ten different models, three of which are double units with straight bar rotors (SR1, SR2 & SR3). The space saving on these double units enables the fencing contractor to fit one double unit in a standard fence panel. In addition there are three straight bar rotor single units (SR1, SR2 & SR3) and four hooped bar rotor single units (SR1 to SR4 inclusive). For product details and a copy of the data sheet and technical drawings, visit our web site. In addition we can offer stainless steel rotors for the SR1, SR2 & SR3 rated products. We can also offer an all stainless SR1 product.

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