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06 Nov 2018

An Evacuation Management and Emergency Roll-call Solution

Thinking Software D74

Thinking Software, a leader in Workforce Management and Time & Attendance Systems, will be showcasing Musterd – its revolutionary Roll-Call and Sweep & Clear System – at this year’s International Security Expo.

Awareness of the need for safe and effective evacuation during an emergency is at its height in the aftermath of the devastating fire at Grenfell. The Telegraph reported on a story of one particular survivor of the fire, who was trapped in his 10th floor flat. They told of how "numerous" 999 calls were made about his position but he was only rescued after he rang his son who passed the phone to an officer on the ground.

With a system like Musterd in place, where integration of both evacuation management and emergency roll-call is part of the package, both the safety of personnel and/or residents can be ensured, through real-time views of everyone’s location and safety status on the site.

Musterd tells you where people are to be found, who’s safe and who’s not.  

Steve Rothkopf, Thinking Software’s Managing Director, says: “When an alarm sounds, or a site is exposed to a fire, terror attack or any other serious and complex threat, words like ‘safety’ and ‘security’ suddenly take on real meaning. We’ve developed Musterd because we consider safety and security to be basic human rights, and we believe that Musterd can help to provide them to the modern workplace and inhabited high-rise buildings.”


Musterd Roll-Call is designed to work quietly alongside a site’s access control, and it integrates with many of the UK’s most popular Access Control Systems. Musterd Sweep & Clear focuses on clearing designated areas and helps to keep sweepers safe.

During normal operations, Musterd sits passively in the background, capturing the data it needs to create a secure, resilient and cloud-based copy of every employee’s current location within the site. Musterd then pushes this crucial data back out to a set of hand-held Musterd devices.  

In an emergency, the Musterd Roll Call System already knows everyone’s whereabouts.  Any Musterd-enabled device can instantly produce a completely dynamic, real-time list of 'unsafe' people for roll-call, mustering and rescue operations, and these lists can help fire marshals and other specialist safety personnel make the site workforce “safe” at designated mustering and assembly points.

One of Musterd’s crucial features is its resilience. Musterd can “go it alone” if a site’s power, network, access control or WiFi is disabled by a fire or other damage.  Emergencies aren’t predictable, so Musterd and its linked devices are designed to keep working under almost any circumstances, and to continue to update the safety status of site personnel.

And crucially, if anyone hasn't reported for roll-call at a Musterd device, then Musterd can tell rescue teams where the missing people might be found.

As data security is always under threat, Musterd uses fast, secure communications, so site data is always safely encrypted, even when at rest on a Musterd device.

The Musterd portal provides Musterd users with access to a powerful reporting suite, much of it in real-time, so that fire drill and emergency safety performance can be continuously monitored and improved.

Come and visit us at Stand D74.

If you would like to book a time for a demo of Musterd, please complete the form here and we will be in touch with your demo slot: https://pages.services/demo.thinking-software.com/expo-demo-booking-from-pr/

To learn more, visit our site at www.thinking-software.com/musterd

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