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07 Nov 2018

29 years of experience on SECURITY SEALS market by Silny & Salamon

Silny & Salamon offers a wide range of metal and plastic security seals in different level of security.

Silny & Salamon offers a wide variety of lengh and width of cable seals in different colors, impinting on it.

Metal security seals offer high and moderate level of security. To remove it cable cutter or other special tool is required. Our bolt security seals meet the criteria of safety  of CTPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism).

Plastic security seals offer moderate and low level of security with different operation length. Plastic security seals are a very flexible solution with competitive pricing. They are made of high quality plastic (polypropylene or polyethylen), available with metal insert. Special remove tool is not required.

To learn more please visit our website www.eplomben.de



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