The biggest and the best, our support for Government Departments and Organisations

At the core of the International Security Expo (ISE) is our support for government departments, organisations and agencies with the focus on our dedicated Government Zone.  ISE remains a flagship event bringing Government, Industry, Academia and the entire end-user community in charge of regulation & procurement together under one roof to debate current challenges and to source the latest security technologies and services.

With just under 250 SqM of floor space dedicated to government exhibition space, 120 SqM for government agency practical demonstrators, 2 summits dedicated to government with seating for 360 in each and government speakers form 14 different agencies and departments in 6 of the 8 conferences and summits, government involvement permeates across the event. 

However, that is just UK Government involvement, we have representation from N America, Africa, Australasia at Government level all speaking, truly an event focused at the highest levels internationally.

We have the Cabinet Office, BTP, MET Police, City of London Police, British Transport Police, CTPHQ, Home Office, CPNI, CNC, CAA, DASA, DSTL, JSaRC, NaCTSO, NCSC, DIT DSO and more, all not just represented but actively engaged with the show.

That engagement is bringing lots of new innovation and we have partnered with CPNI to create a revolutionary NEW secure registration process.  Combining both human and technological innovation the new process will ensure a swift flow of movement into the event for our visitors and VIP delegations. 

Our engagement with government and government agencies is critical because of greater reliance on public private cooperation so greater need for common understanding and key part of that is building up common understanding and common trust, which can only be done face to face.

The critical nature of that engagement is reflected in the figures, with 75 different countries represented last year, at least that number expected this year, 1/3 of those through the door were government, government agency or organisation decision makers. Remember we will have over 13,000 though the door this year and 93% said they had purchasing power or were key influencers.

The ability to meet with, find out requirements, debate issues and develop further relationships is there. Government departments, organisations and agencies attend because they want to interact, to find out what is new, to explain what they need, to improve public, private cooperation. All you just need to do, to make the most of the opportunities this will present, is be at The International Security Expo on 3rd and 4th December 2019 at Olympia, London. Register now, it’s free.