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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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20 Aug 2021

TLP Have been awarded with the Surveillance Camera Commissioner Certification.

“We applied for certification because we wanted to demonstrate to our clients and the public, that our internal policies and procedures for the collection, management, and retention of visual and audio data, has been independently audited against a set of regulated standards”Chris Flannagan CEO of TLP.

What the Commissioner has to say

Fraser Sampson, appointed as the Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner on 1 March, said:

"I am delighted to announce that TLP Ltd have been awarded with my third party certification mark as it means they can visibly demonstrate to others that they are using their drones in line with the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice – in other words they are being used proportionately, effectively, transparently and in pursuit of a legitimate aim. I hope this will pave the way for other drone companies to achieve the same high standards".

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