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18 Aug 2020

Telaeris Announces HealthCheck Enhancement to XPressEntry Addressing Threats of the COVID-19 World

Telaeris’ XPressEntry now supports workplace screening by validating personnel and visitor health status information before entering to support COVID-19 workplace safety protocols.

SAN DIEGO – AUGUST 18, 2020 – Telaeris, a handheld badge verification and emergency mustering solutions provider for physical access control systems (PACS), today announced its HealthCheck enhancement to XPressEntry. HealthCheck makes it easy for security and safety professionals to capture and securely store current health status information of personnel and visitors, and deny access if necessary, from compatible XPressEntry handheld badge readers before entry into any workplace.

“Stopping the spread of COVID-19 is one of humanity’s greatest challenges of the modern era,” said Dr. David Carta, chief executive officer, Telaeris. “With the volume of employees, contractors, and visitors going in-and-out of workplaces every day, XPressEntry’s HealthCheck gives safety and security personnel professionals an easy to implement solution to validate employees are not exhibiting symptoms before entering their jobsite and to help keep people safe.”

“We specialize in physical security and access control technology as a security integrator,” said Jon Ecker, President and Founder of Peace of Mind Technologies, LLC. “Customers are calling and asking us how technology can help them protect their workplace and facilities from COVID-19. We already recommend Telaeris’ XPressEntry to our customers for handheld badge verification and emergency mustering. Now with HealthCheck functionality, this XPressEntry creates tremendous value for our customers as they explore and navigate reopenings in the post-COVID world.”

XPressEntry HealthCheck allows admins to create a custom set of health status survey questions required for their specific needs. Different sets of questions can be deployed to different compatible XPressEntry handhelds at different entry points for added flexibility. When personnel and visitors need to enter their jobsite, safety and security professionals begin by scanning their badge and verify their identity with a compatible XPressEntry handheld device first. Then security and safety professionals are presented with the custom health status survey questions designated for the secure entry point right on the device. In addition, HealthCheck can also capture health related data directly from Bluetooth compatible device such as forehead temperature sensors or finger VO2 meter. Responses and/or data captured from personnel and visitors can allow or deny access and are recorded directly into XPressEntry and securely stored on the XPressEntry database. In accordance with government regulations, visibility of health data can be limited to those with appropriate authority and the health data can be set to automatically be purged after a set amount of time.

HealthCheck enhances XPressEntry’s core handheld badge verification and emergency mustering functionality. XPressEntry handheld badge readers maintain updated facility occupancy information and quickly verify personnel and visitor badge information including name, photo ID, and permissions against the existing access control database from anywhere with cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also delivers an emergency evacuation and employee mustering solution to keep continuous track of facility occupancy by monitoring the existing access control system to verify that personnel and visitors are accounted for and safely evacuated during emergency situations.

About Telaeris
Founded in 2005, Telaeris, Inc. is a US-based security and safety solutions company, specializing in handheld readers for physical access control, emergency mustering, and identity validation. Telaeris’ XPressEntry is a hardware and software solution that seamlessly integrates with any industry-leading access control system, providing rugged wireless devices capable of reading any badge technology, plus biometric authentication. For more information, please visit

About Peace of Mind Technologies, LLC
Servicing New York and New Jersey since 2002, Peace of Mind Technologies, LLC (POM) is an innovative security integrator that designs, implements, and services the latest physical security and access control technology for businesses, hotels, hospitals, schools, residential buildings and other facilities. Through partnership and excellent customer service, POM builds long lasting relationships with clients and is there to help with current and future physical security needs when building or business needs change or security technology evolves. For more information, please visit

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