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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

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30 Mar 2022


Rohde & Schwarz GmbH Stand: D20
The R&S®QPS201 in use on site

The customer The Swiss Army distribution center (AVC) in Uttigen, part of AFLO, ensures the Switzerland-wide supply and return of a large variety of ammunition and explosives for the army, police, border guards and numerous rifle clubs. Since the proper storage and dis - tribution of ammunition is a matter of public safety, the AVC therefore applies the highest standard practices for the management, security and storage of ammunition stocks. Customer situation and requirements The exit points at the AVC are among the most vulnerable to loss. Reliable scanning of staff and visitors will help reduce inconsis - tencies in the return of and thereby the loss of ammunition and explosives. A new safety concept with a completely new entrance and exit inspection started at the beginning of 2021, procured by armasuisse, the Swiss Federal Office for Defense Procurement. A modern, safe and cost-optimized solution was envisioned that allows relevant objects to be detected without requiring an excessive num - ber of personnel (military police) at check - points. Relevant objects include handgun ammunition – even a single 4.5 mm bullet – and non-metallic objects such as explosives. Rohde&Schwarz solution The R&S®QPS201 security scanner is in use at security screening operations around the world and deployed at security checkpoints in airports, correctional facilities, industry/asset protection facilities, military compounds and other facilities. The R&S®QPS201 quickly screens subjects using safe mmWave radio frequency technology and advanced artificial intelligence methods to rapidly, accurately and automatically detect concealed objects made of any material. The R&S®QPS201 is in daily use and can handle days on end of maximum throughput. Since the personnel returning ammunition appear in combat uniform, including equipment, certain preparatory measures had to be taken to optimize the process, which is similar to a check-in at the airport, except that the soldiers are also scanned when they check out. The system delivers a high-precision and efficient security check while ensuring an unobtrusive, safe and uncomplicated experience for scanned persons. It consists of two flat panels with thousands of transmitters and receivers that use extremely low-power millimeterwaves to gain high-resolution 3D information. Results and achievements Rohde&Schwarz offered AFLO the tried and tested R&S®QPS201 security scanner via armasuisse. The scanner beat international competition and, after extensive testing, AFLO selected it due to its detection accuracy, cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. AFLO’s requirements were to monitor personnel and identify those trying to smuggle objects out of the building without interrupting daily routines. The security scanner’s ability to detect all types of ammunition and explosives was highlighted as the most important feature. The R&S®QPS201 demonstrated a very high detection rate and low false alarm rate for metallic and non-metallic objects. The security scanner is able to detect objects as small as a single bullet hidden on a person with a very high success rate. On top of this, Rohde&Schwarz security scanners have low operational and service costs. They are easy to install and do not block exits in case of an emergency since people can easily pass through the scanners. 

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