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15 Dec 2020

Rekor Launches Rekor Go Mobile App on iOS and Android

Rekor Launches Rekor Go Mobile App on iOS and Android

App requires no cellular service or wi-fi connection

Rekor Systems, Inc., (REKR) (“Rekor”) (the “Company”) a Maryland-based company providing real-time roadway intelligence through AI-driven decisions, today announced the launch of Rekor Go, an application that brings the power of accurate vehicle recognition to the mobile devices of a broad array of commercial users.

The app turns a smartphone into a handheld tool that identifies vehicles and license plates. The user receives instant confirmation when the data matches a customer generated “hotlist” record.

Rekor Go does not need to continuously connect and stream to the cloud, enabling operations in areas where wifi or cellular service is limited or unreliable. It captures data on the move, operating in real-time on a live video stream. Identified plates are instantly compared to a user-generated list, shortening the time from capture to insight and issuing an audible and haptic alert.

The Rekor Go app comes with a number of additional features, including:

  • On device management – Users can manage alerts directly through the mobile app by entering license plate information directly or uploading a list. Within the application, users can also capture and review images of all reads and export data using native phone capabilities.
  • On device storage – Rekor Go stores 30 days of images and metadata, and gives users full and complete access to the data.
  • Export capability-- The export tool creates a .csv read file that can be downloaded and shared.
  • Alerts for license plates of interest – Manage alerts directly through the mobile app, entering license plate information or by uploading a list through the application or companion website.
  • Companion website– The Rekor Go companion website allows the user to create and upload bulk lists, differentiating between Allowed and Not Allowed plates.

“This is a remarkable achievement for Rekor,” said Robert Berman, president and CEO, Rekor. “It’s the first on-device mobile app that delivers AI-powered vehicle recognition capabilities directly into the users’ hands. Rekor Go can alert campus safety officers to vehicles of interest, whether it’s associated with criminal activity, a protective order, or a recently terminated employee. It can be used by event staff to track VIP arrivals; identify a vehicle’s location for asset recovery, and validate vehicles that are parked in restricted access lots, even in a parking garage where wi-fi or cell phone service is limited. Our price point makes this technology accessible for many businesses, and we anticipate adding capabilities over time.”

Rekor Go can help schools make student pick-up lines frictionless and more secure, facilitate parking supervision for homeowners’ associations, and help streamline event parking management.

Rekor offers a two-week free trial of the full application. Separately, users can try the mobile app before purchasing by using a ‘playground’ that allows users to capture images of license plates and receive digital feedback, including the alphanumeric plate read.

Available to both iOS and Android users, Rekor Go is available for purchase and download through both the App Store and Google Play. The $9.99 per month price of the application includes read and image storage on-device for 30 days as well as access to the companion site for simplified hotlist management. For a discount, users can choose a yearly contract for $89.99. Visit to learn more or view an informational video here.

Rekor Blue, a vehicle recognition smartphone application for law enforcement customers, will be released during the first half of 2021. The application will synchronize with existing Rekor platforms and allow video and image capture at much higher speeds. More details will be released in the first part of the new year.

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