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20 Jul 2023

QPS201 – new SW for faster screening

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH Stand: D30
QPS201 – new SW for faster screening
The R&S®QPS201

Better detection, lower alarm rate! The latest QPS201 detection software 3.76, ECAC certified and built on a TSA Tier4 certified algorithm, delivers unmatched performance. With the industry's highest pass- and lowest alarm-rate, this software typically delivers 80% pass rate and impressive throughput in the field, perfectly matching the screening speed of new CT-baggage scanners. It is available for QPS201 P2 and P1, and an optional hardware package allows fielded P1 systems to be upgraded to P2 performance and scanning speed. Visit our booth and elevate your security operations with the R&S new ultra-low FAR software.

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