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07 Jan 2021

Oklahoma Kicks Off Use of Rekor’s Vehicle Recognition Technology to Power UVED Program

Oklahoma Kicks Off Use of Rekor’s Vehicle Recognition Technology to Power UVED Program

Company launches state-wide program in just 61 days

Program identifies non-compliant vehicles, connects motorists to affordable insurance

Rekor Systems, Inc., (NASDAQ: REKR) (“Rekor”) (the “Company”) a Maryland-based company providing real-time roadway intelligence through AI-driven decisions, today announced that the State of Oklahoma has integrated the Company’s Rekor One™ platform across relevant state systems to provide vehicle information associated with uninsured motorists as part of the state’s Uninsured Vehicle Enforcement Diversion (UVED) Program, which is operated by the Oklahoma District Attorneys Council.

Oklahoma’s UVED Program uses Rekor's vehicle recognition technology to leverage existing state resources to ensure that all drivers have at least the minimum required amount of liability insurance, ultimately leading to safer roadways. The platform allows for real-time detection of non-compliant vehicles and instant data consolidation into a regularly updating insurance system connected to the state’s enforcement and intervention programs. Rekor will assist Oklahoma drivers by providing a one-stop web portal for uninsured motorists to easily find non-standard and standard insurance for their vehicle.

“Since its launch in 2018, the goal of the UVED Program has always been to help Oklahomans, both by increasing compliance and by facilitating access to fair and affordable auto insurance for all,” said Amanda Arnall Couch, Program Director. “Nationwide studies have estimated that up to 26 percent of vehicles traveling on Oklahoma roads are uninsured, a situation that leaves all motorists at risk. Through innovative, focused, and customized solutions, Rekor has addressed the systemic challenges that plagued UVED for two years and has managed to make this program an operational and functioning reality in less than two months.”

Rekor’s technology will assist the State of Oklahoma in identifying uninsured vehicles on the road, and once identified, the enforcement division will issue a “Notice to Respond,'' encouraging a vehicle owner to get insurance and comply with the law. Otherwise, uninsured motorists cited on the road by police officers can face stiff penalties, including fines, imprisonment, license plate confiscation and/or reinstatement fees.

A motorist enters the UVED Program by acquiring insurance and paying a $174 enrollment fee, thereby avoiding the possibility of criminal charges, associated penalties, and a permanent mark on their driving record.

“Oklahoma has hundreds of thousands of uninsured motorists on the road right now, which has huge safety and financial implications for the state and its citizens,” said Robert Berman, president and CEO, Rekor. “Rekor One is a single turnkey solution that Rekor can deliver cost-effectively and quickly to any state. It provides all the technology they need, with a high level of data security, to identify uninsured vehicles and take effective measures to ensure compliance.”

According to data derived from the Insurance Information Institute, nearly one in eight drivers in the U.S. are uninsured, which puts all drivers at greater risk in the event of an accident. In addition to the burden on other drivers, states are deprived of a significant amount of tax revenue from insurance premiums that should be paid by millions of vehicle owners and are used to fund infrastructure and other investments.

All drivers involved in accidents with an uninsured motorist are burdened with the cost of property damage and medical bills, and insured drivers are further saddled with higher premiums to cover those costs.

“The Oklahoma UVED Program is among the first in the country – and something we anticipate will catch on quickly in other states,” said Charles Degliomini, Rekor’s Executive Vice President of Government Relations. “States are doing everything they can to navigate an incredibly challenging revenue environment right now. In fact, we’re in discussion with a number of other states who are interested in leveraging vehicle recognition capabilities in similar revenue-generating ways. The Rekor One platform can be shared among state agencies to support additional community safety, intelligent roadway and revenue generation activities – making wise use of tax dollars.”

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