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15 Jun 2021

Military personnel are limited…. Really?

Military personnel are limited…. Really?

The perception in many companies is that veterans won’t fit into their workplace culture due to a misguided belief veterans are no more than gung-ho action men.

Look closer and you’ll find it’s just not true.

There are 196,140 armed forces personnel. Less than half are front-line troops.

37,000 are reservists already in civilian lives.

Most of the Royal Navy and RAF are in logistics, engineers or working with vehicles and machinery. The army has plenty of similar personnel for their vehicles and logistics.

Handling advanced military equipment means we at Ex-Mil recruitment have placed thousands within IT, construction and engineering at high levels. Because the military training has to be of such a high standard, clients are very satisfied with the candidates we provide and often come back for more.

There’s currently 14 overseas deployments with our military not being idle integrating with local culture and customs.

Most importantly, people in the military want to serve, not just fight for, serve their country.

During the pandemic, the military was speaking up, wanting to help. They’ve built the Nightingale hospitals and set up mass testing and vaccination.

Hire a veteran, see how they can serve your business and prove you wrong in the best way.

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