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09 Aug 2022

Magnet Schultz to Exhibit Range of Secure Electric Locks at ISE 2022

Magnet Schultz Stand: C121
Magnet Schultz to Exhibit Range of Secure Electric Locks at ISE 2022
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Magnet Schultz Ltd (MSL), the UK’s leading authority on electric actuators and solenoid-operated assemblies, will exhibit its range of electric locking mechanisms and technology solutions at the International Security Expo in September.


Among the many exhibits on the Magnet Schultz stand No.C111 are the following mechanisms ideally suited to security applications:


Marine Lock

Product No. EBL-M1212. The V4A polished stainless-steel M1212 Marine Lock is aesthetically pleasing and specifically designed to keep up appearances onboard superyachts. It delivers leading-edge electric locking technology for general security as well as rapid lockdown functionality from the helm. Many prestigious vessels already deploy this high-end waterproof electric Marine Lock with remote locking as an effective anti-piracy measure for counter-intruder security. The slim and unobtrusive profile features hermetic seals. Magnet Schultz’s Marine Lock can optionally incorporate special ‘anti-jacking’ actuator technology, which prevents intruders from using force to overcome the locked state and gain access to the craft.


Electric Bolt Lock

Product No. EBL-W. The Electric Bolt Lock – Weatherproof (EBL-W) is a fully-enclosed, heavy duty locking mechanism that has been widely adopted by customers across industry sectors where waterproofing and ingress prevention are imperative, especially in harsh and demanding environments. Featuring a robust anodised casing machined from a solid aluminium billet and deploying seals around the moving bolt and internal actuator pathway, EBL-W is IP65 compliant. Applications include seagoing vessels, gates in exposed locations, external security doors and safety interlocking on bio-med and food preparation equipment subjected to aggressive clean-down routines. Like the M1212 Marine Lock, EBL-W can also incorporate anti-jacking actuator technology to ensure absolute security integrity.


Box magnets

Product No. BMEH/BMER. Box magnets are a staple of access control systems for doors, hatches, shutters, grilles and vents as well as being a straightforward security measure. Magnet Schultz’s Heavy Duty Box Magnets offer the highest specifications in robustness with a fully enclosed and sealed assembly to IP68 standards with monobloc pole faces and a powerful magnetic holding force up to 640 Newtons for applications that demand totally dependable security. Boxed magnets are available in energise-to-hold and energise-to-release variants, operating from a 24V DC or AC (with rectifier plug) voltage supply. Other voltages available on request.



Product No. GSCX. Expressly designed to be modular, these units deploy Magnet Schultz’s innovative slip-on encapsulated coil technology, as proven in heavy duty applications on the company’s hydraulic solenoid ranges. Based on the company’s best-selling GHUZ range, the re-imagined GSCX design concept delivers cost reductions during manufacture, making the units more cost effective. Available in three body diameter sizes: 37mm, 45mm and 63mm, all can feature an M12 connector to eliminate the need to open the shotbolt to make the electrical connection.


Visitors to the ISE 2022 event will find Magnet Schultz on Stand No. C111 at Olympia London on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th September 2022.



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