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16 May 2023

Logic Protect Zona 3: A flexible, aesthetically pleasing approach to HVM

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Logic Protect Zona 3: A flexible, aesthetically pleasing approach to HVM

Enhancing the wide array of solutions Crowdguard offers for event security and the protection of publicly accessible locations, we have added the highly versatile Logic Protect Zona 3 HVM system to our range. It is a rapid-deploy, surface-mounted planter that can be locked into position quickly making it a great option for a huge variety of scenarios – from public events through to low traffic neighbourhoods. We sat down with our MD Iain Moran and Karl Johnston from Logic Protect to talk about the Zona 3.


What inspired the development of Logic Protect Zona 3?

Karl: When the Covid lockdown restrictions were gradually lifted outdoor events became much more popular and we saw the potential danger as lots of people were gathering in public realm spaces protected only by makeshift barriers and fences. We thought a development of our Logic planter edge system would bring a quick solution to the current issue and help prevent a potential disaster and the Zona 3 was an outcome from that concept and R&D investment.


What type of installations do you think it’s best suited for?

Iain: The Zona 3 is ideal as a temporary solution, where a project is evolving, or for seasonal events, such as Christmas markets, where crowds need to be protected without a detrimental effect on the aesthetics of the setting. Because it needs no civil works, it can be easily reconfigured and relocated.

It’s ideal for a longer term application when civils works are not possible, enabling a cost effective solution that can be lifted into place and left in situ, or easily reconfigured and relocated as required.

It’s also a perfect temporary solution for environments where a permanent HVM system has been specified but immediate protection is required while the permanent infrastructure goes through the planning, design and manufacturing process.

It’s really versatile too – it offers linear protection so it can be in place for a matter of days or longer-term, if needed, and can be installed on any level surface. We’re currently awaiting the results of the system’s performance review, but it has been IWA 14-1 tested for impact resistance using a 2,500kg vehicle travelling at 64kph, so it is a great solution that requires no excavations.

What sets the Zona 3 apart from other HVM systems?

Karl: It’s a rapid-deployment system that can be locked into place by a trained technician quickly, which is perfect for any environment where the solution needs to be installed quickly, or where the ability to reconfigure is important. Also, because it needs no ground fixings, it’s an excellent go-to solution when there is a stipulation of no groundworks or modifications to the  ground surface.

Zona 3’s narrow depth – just 600mm –  is another stand-out feature, and it has been specifically designed to be aesthetically pleasing, with a choice of finishes and colours to complement the urban landscape, and the ability to customise with planting. The HVM units can even be customised with branding or advertising too, adding a potential commercial dimension to the benefits the system offers for Crowdguard’s customers.

Why did Logic choose Crowdguard as a partner for Logic Protect Zona 3?

Karl: Crowdguard is a leader in event security and protection of the public realm. The company’s plan, provide, protect approach to delivering a turnkey service that includes risk assessment, specification, installation and de-rigging means that event organisers, venue operators and those responsible for publicly accessible locations can rely on them to offer credible, pragmatic advice about mitigating risk with proven and proportionate measures.

We knew that Crowdguard was already partnering with some of the world’s most respected providers of HVM and perimeter protection, and we were keen to join that portfolio and work with such a credible and respected company in the counter terrorism sector.

What is your advice to event organisers and venues as they await Martyn’s Law?

Iain: The threat of terrorism exists, and the current terror alert level is ‘substantial’ in the UK, so, for venues and event organisers, there is already an immediate duty of care right to consider how this threat affects an event and to take steps to mitigate that risk.

The @National Protective Security Authority suggests “if it’s not secure, it’s not safe”.  Now that the draft Martyn’s Law bill has finally been published, it is important for people not only to scrutinise the proposed legislation but also to take action to understand the threat and mitigate risk as soon as possible.

Why would you advise people to choose Crowdguard as their event security partners?

Karl: It’s not only the high-quality product portfolio that makes Crowdguard a partner of choice for event organisers; it’s also the level of expertise their team can offer.  The company is focused on answering a need, not selling a product, so customers can be confident that the solutions suggested are aligned to the identified risk, proportionate to the threat and will be installed to the highest quality standards by trained technicians – no matter where in the UK the event is taking place. For Logic Protect, that means we have confidence that the Logic Zona 3 will be installed correctly to deliver its full performance and functionality, offering peace of mind to both those organising events and those attending them.


Download the product data sheet below

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