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GreyScan exhibits the ETD-100 at ISE22

GreyScan exhibits the ETD-100 at ISE22
ETD-100 Inorganic Threat Substance Detection
GreyScan Australia Pty Ltd returns to International Security Expo in 2022 with the ETD-100 – the unique, field deployable, Capillary Zone Electrophoresis (CZE) trace detection system designed to detect Home Made Explosive compounds other detectors cannot. The GreyScan ETD-100 has been developed in response to the increasing global threat from homemade explosives based on inorganic salts (fertilizer and other compounds) with US and Australian Federal Government support. US Government broad agency announcements have requested a device that is – - Able to detect home made inorganic salt based explosives (nitrate, chlorate, perchlorate) as well as other emerging threat substances - Highly sensitive – low nanogram detection levels - Low/no false positive rate – less than 1% false alarm rate - Suitable for field deployment (not lab based) – portable and robust - Simple to operate – no sample preparation or specialised training required
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