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11 Apr 2023

Five reasons why The Core from Unafor is an ideal semi-permanent HVM solution

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Five reasons why The Core from Unafor is an ideal semi-permanent HVM solution

Many of the projects that Crowdguard delivers involve temporary event security, with deployment of surface-mounted HVM systems, such as the ATG Access Surface Guard, the Highway Care Security RB50 and The Claw and the ARX Security ARX Stopper!™. But for locations where there is a more routine need to protect people and assets, a semi-permanent solution is often the most appropriate choice and The Core from Unafor provides effective protection, flexibility, and fantastic aesthetics for virtually any environment.

Specially designed to enable rapid deployment on an as needed basis, with permanent shallow mount foundations and removeable HVM posts that can be installed or de-rigged with a simple yet secure click-and-lock system, The Core is an IWA-14-1 rated* HVM system suitable for a huge range of applications. We are currently in the process of delivering a project to install The Core to protect a high street store from ram raid attacks, for example, and are developing plans for stadia to protect Zone Ex locations on match days. It is ideal for locations where there are regular pop-up events, such as markets, for example, and for public realm spaces where access and security needs alter at different times.

There are so many advantages to The Core that it’s hard to narrow it down to just a few, but here are our top five reasons why The Core from Unafor is the ideal choice for semi-permanent HVM protection:

  1. It’s incredibly flexible: once the foundations are in place, the HVM posts can be deployed by a single person whenever the location needs to be protected.
  2. It looks great – with an array of accessories for decorative and/or functional purposes, including planters, street furniture, bicycle racks, bollards and branded or unbranded al fresco dining enclosures, it complements its surroundings and most people wouldn’t even realise it’s there to protect against vehicle attacks or incursions.
  3. With foundation depths starting from just 200mm, installation of The Core requires minimal civils works, while providing a permanent foundation for deployment of the system on an as needed basis.
  4. Paving or surface finishes between 50-150mm can be placed around the sockets allowing the system to blend into its surroundings. With the addition of optional cover plates, it’s almost invisible when not in use.
  5. Deployment is fast and, as the foundations are set to NPSA standards at 1.2m apart, installation is always rated, because the posts can’t be installed incorrectly.

At Crowdguard, we are passionate about specifying the right solution, or combination of systems, to meet the risk, operational requirements and budget of every client, location and event. The Core from Unafor has so many applications, especially for locations where there are aesthetic sensitivities and/or a need to be able to add and remove HVM protection quickly and cost effectively on a regular basis.

If you’d like to know more about The Core and find out if it could be the right solution for you, get in touch with our team.

*Impact tested and certified to IWA-14-1 V/1500[M1]48/90:00 & IWA-14-1 V/3500[N1]/48/90:2.8


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