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19 Jan 2021

Everbridge Unveils Next-Generation Front-End Alerting Interface for Industry-Leading Global Public Warning Platform

Everbridge Unveils Next-Generation Front-End Alerting Interface for Industry-Leading Global Public Warning Platform

Oslo, Norway, January 19, 2021 — Everbridge, Inc. (NASDAQ: EVBG), the global leader in critical event management (CEM), today announced the launch of its enhanced Public Warning Center, the first-of-its-kind modular and multi-channel front-end interface featuring the ability to create and transmit a combination of cell broadcast and address-, group-, and location-based SMS alerts for countrywide alerting from a single console.

Offering a best-in-class user interface (UI) and modern design, the highly-flexible Public Warning Center serves as the gateway for the industry’s largest and only public warning system supporting any configuration from basic single-channel to more sophisticated hybrid options combining cell-broadcast and multi-channel technologies, including SMS, video, social media, TV, radio, digital signage, sirens, website, emails, and more – whether on-premises, hosted, or SaaS.  

“Governments require the best of both options – the capability to deliver a massive number of messages very quickly as well as the ability to target precisely who receives particular alerts. Everbridge is the only population alerting provider that eliminates these tradeoffs and delivers optimized capabilities based on the needs of each country,” said Michael Hallowes, former National Director, Australia’s Emergency Alert Program, and Managing Director of Zefonar.

Everbridge also recently announced a new patent for its revolutionary work in enabling end-to-end multimedia population alerting capabilities.  The patent – Everbridge’s 14th as it relates to Public Warning and one of more than 160 overall across its suite of products – highlights the need for delivering alerts through a combination of 5G, cell broadcast, and multimedia.

With a design focused on simplicity, security and reliability, the new application provides unparalleled user experience, responsiveness, and performance. The Public Warning Center interface completes the full integration of the company’s recent acquisition of one2many, the world’s market leader in 4G/5G cell broadcast.

World-renowned UI/UX technologist and designer Dr. John Maeda, who serves as Everbridge’s Chief Customer Experience Officer and has been recognized as one of the “75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century” by Esquire stated, “Launching this innovative Public Warning front-end will provide alerting authorities the unprecedented flexibility they need to reach out and communicate with the public when it matters most, and via the most appropriate communication channels.  The highly modular architecture of Public Warning Center builds on our team’s vast experience and client feedback, bringing together global best practices from countries around the world.”

As the most scalable platform in the industry, Everbridge provides the only public warning system combining cell-broadcast and address-, group-, and location-based, multi-channel technologies with 5G compatibility enabling multimedia content alerting distribution. The new Public Warning Center meets and exceeds the needs of any public authority looking for an advanced warning solution to protect its citizens and visitors – from EU-directive approved systems to more sophisticated hybrid and multi-channel alert and warning platforms.

Everbridge represents the first population alerting provider to serve the entire populations of 11 countries in Europe, Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas, supporting five European Union (EU) countries in conjunction with the EU mandate requiring member countries to have a population-wide alerting system in place by June 2022.  In compliance with GDPR, Everbridge Public Warning neither collects nor stores personally identifiable information (PII) data.

“With Everbridge, public authorities can reach millions in seconds as our solution leverages the speed and network throughput of cell broadcast technology and the population movement analytics, multi-language capability, and two-way communication of address-, group-, and location-based SMS,” said Javier Colado, Senior Vice President, International.

More local, state, and national governments deploy the Everbridge Platform than any other solution, offering the ability to reach over 650 million people across the globe. Everbridge currently supports population-wide alerting in 11 countries including Australia, Greece, Iceland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Singapore and Sweden, as well as deployments within all of Canada’s provinces and multiple states in India.

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