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12 Sep 2021

Enhanced Risk Map

Enhanced Risk Map

Explore the improved usability of Safeture's Enhanced Risk Map

With the Enhanced Risk Map in the Admin Portal, you can better personalize the content being displayed and thereby get a more relevant overview of the current situation. Cluster incidents and filter information based on your personnel, incidents, risk levels and/or risk categories.

To make the risk assessment more comprehensive and intuitive, we have reduced the amount of risk levels from ten to five:

  • Negligible
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Critical

The new risk categories

  • Civil Unrest
  • Crime
  • Environment
  • Health and Medical
  • Infrastructure and Transport
  • Insurgency and Armed Conflict
  • International Relations
  • Kidnap
  • Political Stability
  • Terrorism

Safeture’s analysts has assigned each country an overall risk level. This level is weighted based on the risk levels of all categories.



When plotting either your personnel, incidents, or risk levels on the map in the security overview, a new filtering menu will appear , based on what is currently displayed on the map. In this menu, you find all additional options for filtering.



Get a better overview with the new clustering of incidents.

When zooming out on the map in the Admin Portal and the cluster option is enabled, the alerts are now displayed in clusters. The cluster is given the color of the highest severity out of the clustered incidents and will display a blue polygon presenting the outer bounding border of all incidents when hovering the icon.


Customize your experience

Third-party risk information

The Safeture platform now supports the ability to integrate third party sources of risk information via our API. This information can be used together with Safeture’s own risk information or completely replace It with the external source.

For more information contact our Customer Development Team:


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