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Immersive virtual reality (VR) training scenarios

Visitors will be transported to a realistic environment using VR. Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service has partnered up with RiVR to create groundbreaking photo-realistic virtual reality training scenarios to allow emergency responders to train more frequently in dangerous environments.

Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service will be presenting their VR training sessions in the Product Innovation Theatre giving visitors the opportunity to speak directly with trainers and specialists. For the first time ever Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service will be demonstrating their immersive virtual reality training scenarios onsite at ISE 2019 giving visitors the opportunity to test the products firsthand and participate in the live demonstrations, scenes include:

  • FIRE INVESTIGATION - Challenge your assumptions & make the connection
    • Analyse the environment
    • Locate the source of the fire
    • Identify the bomb-making evidence and make the link to terrorist activity
  • ARMED RESPONSE TRAINING -Test your reflexes and experience realistic weapon handling
    • Analyse the unfolding scene
    • Fire a weapon in a controlled VR environment, experiencing the physical demands and mental challenges
    • Tackle a mitigating terrorist threat
  • POLICE SCENES OF CRIME - Be the first person on the scene
    • Gather the forensics
    • Protect the evidence
    • Preserve the scene


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