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28-29 SEPTEMBER 2021

International Security Week Agenda

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State of the Nation - The Current Counter Terror Situation

30 Nov 2020
Day 1 International Security Matters
DAC Lucy D’Orsi will set out the priorities Counter Terror Police UK are seeing. Describing how the lack of attacks is not an indication of a lack of threat. How the threat from Islamist extremism remains and is changing but other threats, in particular from Extreme Right Wing groups are becoming more visible and something that society needs to be aware of. She will emphasise that the police can’t deal with the threats alone so are working closely with private industry partners, but also that the public has a key role in this and this is exemplified by the ACT programme and everything that falls out of it.
Philip Ingram MBE, Former Senior Intelligence & Security Officer and Editor and Chief - International Security Expo
Lucy D'Orsi, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Specialist Operations - Counter Terror Police UK

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