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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

International Security Week Agenda

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Crowded Places and the new Protect Duty

30 Nov 2020
Day 1 International Security Matters
Figen Murray, mother of Martyn Hett who was tragically murdered in the Manchester Bombings, will discuss her campaign for Martyn’s Law and provide a personal insight to the devastating effects when security fails. Shaun Hipgrave will go on to outline the thinking behind Protect Duty and Fay Tennet and Barry Palmer will end the session discussing practicalities and the balance needed to ensure access to iconic sites isn’t halted.
Philip Ingram MBE, Grey Hare Media - International Security Expo
Barry Palmer, Head of Safety and Security - Tate Gallery, United Kingdom
Fay Tennet, Deputy Director of Security Operations - Houses of Parliament United Kingdom
Figen Murray, Protect Duty Campaigner
Shaun Hipgrave, Director Prepare, Protect, CBRNE & Science Directorate - Homeland Security Group, Home Office

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