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28-29 SEPTEMBER 2021

International Security Week Agenda

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Managing a Real Crisis - The Practical Lessons

03 Dec 2020
Day 4 International Disaster Response
Only a few weeks into her job, then a word no one had heard of was uttered in a tense multi-agency meeting - Novichok. Tracy Daszkiewicz led the multi-agency team dealing with not one, but two major incident of contamination of one of our most iconic cities with one of the world’s deadliest nerve agents, Novichok. A real baptism of fire, and then a pandemic strikes. If ever there is a set of events for The Chair of the EPS and the lead in dealing with a disaster to chat about the practicalities, this is the one.
Philip Ingram MBE, Former Senior Intelligence & Security Officer and Editor and Chief - International Security Expo
Tracy Daszkiewicz, Deputy Director Population Health & Wellbeing - Public Health England South West
Jacqui Semple, Chair - Emergency Planning Society
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