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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

International Security Week Agenda

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Islamist Terrorist development during the Pandemic

30 Nov 2020
Day 1 International Security Matters
Islamsist terror hasn’t gone away. The drivers behind Al-Qaeda and ISIS remain but are morphing. How are they developing? How are they maintaining or developing support? What should we be looking out for? How do we counter the threat whilst mainting a free and open society? It is through the understanding that can only come from a former member of Al-Qaeda, one of their bomb making experts, but someone who covertly dedicated his life to undermining them from the inside by passing intelligence to MI6, that we can begin to put the current and developing threat into perspective.
Philip Ingram MBE, Grey Hare Media - International Security Expo
Aimen Dean, Former member of Al-Qaeda and MI6 Spy

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