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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

International Security Week Agenda

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Integration of Physical Security - 'Mind the Gap'

30 Nov 2020
Day 1 International Security Matters

While the terror threat in the UK remains ‘substantial’, minding the gap between the identification of risk and the implementation of measures must be managed. When considering security design and implementation in response to the identification of risk, it is vital to consider the whole picture and not just the ‘front-of-house’. This ultimately goes together with changing the perception of investment in security measures. To achieve successful security schemes, there must be an acceptance of responsibility to keep critical national infrastructure and the public safe. Where does this responsibility start and end?

  • Minding the Gap between the identification of risk and the implementation of measures for both CNI and Crowded Spaces/Events
  • Changing the perception of investment in security. Exploring why the mindset around this so negative/reluctant and not mandated.
  • Security design and implementation: considering the whole picture ' not just the front of house as it were. Responsibility ' where does this start and stop?
  • Various initiatives from football stadia exist to try and keep spectators secure from the nearest public transport hub to the stadium where an event is being held.
  • Why is this just stadiums considering this type of responsibility?
Philip Ingram MBE, Grey Hare Media - International Security Expo
Niall Griffin, Hardstaff Barriers - Representing HS Security, a Division of Hill & Smith PLC

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