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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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Exclusive Cyber Market Insights

01 Dec 2020
Day 2 International Cyber Threats
Cyber security is the fastest growing and most dynamic sector in security. Securing and protecting digital networks and assets across government and business organisations presents a huge challenge. Westlands Advisory will present key findings from their cyber security series that tracks the global cyber security market size and growth, technology maturity, competitor ecosystems and customer requirements. The presentation will include information from the latest set of data released in October 2020 and will answer the following points: ‘’What are the key industry trends, Economics, Risk and Threats, Regulations and Policy that are affecting the cyber security market? ‘’How are cyber security technologies developing? What new technologies are emerging and which are growing the fastest? ‘’How has COVID-19 impacted the cyber security market? Have suppliers and customers adapted and what products are services are now in demand? ‘’Which sectors are spending the most on cyber security and how will this evolve in the future?
Philip Ingram MBE, Grey Hare Media - International Security Expo
Anthony Leather, Co-founder and Director - Westlands Advisory
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