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Day 1 International Security Matters

Terror, crowded places, and aviation and transport headline the first day of International Security Week, with the priorities for Counter Terror Police UK being balanced against the new Protect Duty, or Martyns' Law, with real in-depth discussion about what it means for some of our iconic places.  Of course the terrorists will be using the pandemic to develop, plan, prepare for atrocities in the future and we will look at that in detail from the perspective of a former member of Al Qaeda, and MI6 spy and look at wider international priorities.

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30 Nov 2020
  1. Former Security Minister, Admiral the Rt. Hon. Lord West of Spithead GCB DSC PC will provide the opening keynote to International Security Week.

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  2. Deputy Assistant'Commissioner, Specialist Operations' CTPUK, Lucy D'Orsi will set out the priorities Counter Terror Police UK are seeing including the rise of right wing extremism and islamist extremism.

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  3. Steve Rodhouse as the Director General Operations with the NCA will give an overview as to the NCAs priorities, successes and future developments in the fast changing arena of dealing with Serious and Organised Crime

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  4. Collaborative working practices to protect crowded places, uniting our approach across the transport and aviation sector and learning from the areas we are excelling in.

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  5. International border security issues faced by the UK and other island nations, including transnational organised crime, people and drug smuggling, this and more will be discussed by Dr John Coyne.

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  6. While the terror threat in the UK remains 'substantial', minding the gap between the identification of risk and the implementation of measures must be managed

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  7. Figen Murray, mother of Martyn Hett who was tragically murdered in the Manchester Bombings will discuss her campaign for Martyns Law and provide a personal insight to the devestating effects when security fails. Shaun Hipgrave will go on to outline the thinking behind Protect Duty and Fay Tennet amd Barry Palmer will end the session discussing practicalities and the balance needed to ensure access to iconic sites isnt halted.

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  8. Former member of Al Qaeda, one of their bomb making experts, and someone who covertly dedicated his life to undermining them from the inside by passing intelligence to MI6, will discuss Islamist Terror hasn't gone away but is morphing.

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