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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

International Security Expo 2023 Seminars

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Thermal Radar - Triple Threat Physical Protection for Substations and Power Grid Applications Worldwide

26 Sep 2023
Product Innovation Theatre

Thermal Radar™ provides triple threat physical protection for substations and power grid applications worldwide. In a world where the power grid is more vulnerable than ever and the threats to securing the grid more prevalent, Thermal Radar provides an all-in-one solution for 360-degree thermal intrusion detection, fire detection for a substation and the surrounding area, and a thermography solution for detecting when transformers and other critical equipment are becoming a liability to the stability of the grid – all from a single piece of hardware

Thermal Radar™, distributed in the UK and Ireland by SeSys Ltd., and manufactured by Thermal Imaging Radar, LLC in Orem, Utah, USA is an award-winning and patented security solution that provides continuous 360° thermal intrusion detection and situational awareness for critical infrastructure locations. Thermal Radar™ rotates a best-in-class FLIR Boson™ thermal sensor and incorporates custom-written, edge-based analytic detection algorithms to detect, classify, and geo-spatially locate threats within a perimeter. Our Thermal Radar Hydra™ solution features a laser-illuminated and infrared (IR) Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera that is mounted directly below the Thermal Radar™ so when Thermal Radar™ detects a threat or thermal anomaly, a command is sent to the PTZ as a slew-to-cue command. The PTZ can then utilize A.I., to more accurately classify the detection once the Thermal Radar™ has detected it through the continuous 360° scan of the area.

Mike Petty, VP Sales - Thermal Radar/Sesys

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