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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

International Security Expo 2022 Seminars

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T3K’s Innovative AI Tools for Data Screening - From Zero to Evidence in Minutes

27 Sep 2022
Product Innovation Theatre
Do you find yourself handling a case with 4 mobile devices, several mass storages and some OSINT data?
With hundreds of thousands of images, days’ worth of video and years’ worth of files?
And several more in the backlog?
Let the AI have a look first.

This talk offers a deep dive into fast and automated data screening, using artificial intelligence to detect illicit media content in files, documents, images and videos.
The AI solutions presented by T3K are supporting law enforcement to fight child sexual abuse material, terrorist and violent extremist content, and time-critical admittance and investigation decisions – installed on premise or running in the Cloud.
Gareth Ballance, Product Manager - T3K.AI

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