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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

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International Security Expo 2022 Seminars

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Panel: The Impact of Diversity on the Provision of a Secure Environment

27 Sep 2022
International Security Conference
  • High functioning teams. Mitigating group think social representation in security resulting in an increased influence. Authentic businesses performing ethically with strong moral foundations in ED&I will succeed.
  • Discuss and detail how do employers and organisations become inclusive, how they can improve and engender a truly inclusive workplace environment. What are the business advantages in promoting the EDI agenda? Recruitment and career pathways. What needs to change?
  • EDI education and training opportunities for organisations.
  • The importance of collaboration and allies. How to get ED&I onto the Boardroom agenda. The importance of ED&I surveys and their results. The role of an ED&I champion.
Satia Rai, Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - IPSA
Rick Mounfield, Director - Optimal Risk Group
Seetan Varsani, Director of Major Accounts and Strategic Development - Corps Security UK Ltd
Anna-Liisa Tampuu, Co-Chair of the Inclusive Security Special Interest Group - The Security Institute
Chris Middleton, Security Director - ABM UK

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