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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

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The NaCTSO Update – Growing and Protecting, the Latest Developments

27 Sep 2022
Olympia Room
Global Counter Terror & Serious and Organised Crime Summit

NaCTSO delivers the Government CONTEST strategy and is growing in size and role. Superintendent Adam Thomson explains:

  • the key role of NaCTSO to deny terrorists access to materials that may be used in terrorist attacks;
  • the operational capabilities NacTSO commands that support the highest profile public events; and
  • as the Authority on Protective Security Guidance for Crowded Places (soon to be PALs), Hazardous Site & Substances, National Infrastructure and Personal Security, progress of the ‘ProtectUK’ platform, the official source of CT advice and guidance.
Adam Thomson, Head of NaCTSO - National Counter Terrorism Security Office

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