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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

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The Critical Importance of Effective Communication in Coordinating a Multi-Agency Major Incident Response

28 Sep 2022
Product Innovation Theatre
  • During a major incident, whether it be a fire, terrorist attack, natural disaster, or cyber incident, it’s crucial organisations are able to safely and quickly mobilise their workforces.
  • With the vast majority of Greater Manchester Police support staff – back-office employees in particular – forced to work remotely during the pandemic, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) identified an opportunity to leverage these mobile technologies when operations had to be remodelled nearly overnight.
  • Given both the mental stress of the disruption, coupled with the very real risks to employee health represented by Covid-19, GMP realised it needed to adapt – and fast. With 11,000 BlackBerry AtHoc licenses, GMP is now using the platform in a number of ways to ensure business continuity and the safeguarding of staff and the public.
Chris Ullah, Business Relations and Solutions Manager - BlackBerry

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