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Vision Box

  • Perimeter Protection/ Intrusion Detection
  • Physical Security/ Intrusion Detection
  • EU Pavillion
  • Access Control/ Biometrics
  • CCTV/ Surveillance

Vision-Box is a technology company headquartered in Lisbon, dedicated to improving the quality, efficiency and security in government services, travel, border control and all smart facilities. It does this through the superior design, development and implementation of integrated, user-centric, digital identity management solutions and services built upon trusted biometric tokens. Guided by professionals with decades of expertise in engineering, software development and project innovation, Vision-Box™ is spearheading a technological revolution in how travel centers interact with travelers and manage the traveler identification and clearance process.
Vision-Box™ is a leading partner of the most prestigious airports, airlines, governments and private entities with critical security and identification challenges, supporting them to optimize the identification and flow of travelers, establishing trusted biometric identity enrollment, verification and authentication processes, and enabling multi-directional data transactions to transform raw information into actionable business intelligence. ation at European borders, strongly improving the security of member states.

About Smart-Trust

Smart-Trust is a highly innovative H2020 project for border control, which introduces a new technological enabler for Mobile ID and increases the reliability and trust levels of identity verific


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