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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

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T3K - Forensics GmbH

Stand: E20
  • Access Control & Biometrics
  • Data Analytics
  • Forensics
  • Risk, Resilience & Compliance
  • Video Analytics / AI

T3K.AI develops unique AI solutions for automated analysis of mass data from mobile devices and other media sources, to help simplify and speed up digital media data screening. Our analytic approach is the first of its kind.

Additionally, T3K introduces Biocapture, a brandnew application for mobile, contactless Fingerprinting.


Ernst-Melchior-Gasse 24


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  • As digitalisation has reached almost every part of our daily lives, analysing digital data has become fundamental to virtually every investigation. However, the exact same fact makes it harder and harder to cope with the amount of digital data available, even on standard smartphones and other digital devices.

    That is why T3K has developed a quick and smart way to analyse vast amounts of data, virtually at the push of a button, empowering investigations in time-critical cases.

    Among other topics, two big focus areas for T3K are the fight against Extremism and Terrorism, as well as fighting Crimes Against Children, utilizing advanced AI Media Analysis and Screening, sophisticated Watchlists, OCR detection, Face Recognition, Pattern Recognition and Audio Analysis, along with groudbreaking technologies like image2image and text2image searching.

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