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24-25 SEPTEMBER 2024

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Sentinel Group

Stand: F90
  • Guarding Services / Close Protection
  • IT / Command & Control / OT
  • Risk, Resilience & Compliance
  • Screening and Scanning
  • Training & Consultancy

People, systems and management solutions in a modern world.


Sentinel Group Security offers a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored for modern workplaces. Their services encompass various aspects:

Recruitment and Deployment: They assist businesses in hiring and placing temporary staff, ensuring timely access to required workforce.

Screening and Vetting Systems: Sentinel Group provides advanced tools for thorough vetting, ensuring only qualified and reliable personnel are hired.

Activity Management: Their solutions help companies efficiently oversee operations, enhancing productivity and security.

Accredited Security Services: Offering accredited security officers and mobile security services, they safeguard assets and personnel effectively.

Frontline Technologies: Integrating cutting-edge tech, Sentinel Group supports frontline personnel, enhancing overall safety and operational efficiency.

In summary, Sentinel Group Security is a versatile partner for modern workplaces, addressing security, workforce management, and operational optimisation needs. They enable businesses to secure their premises, manage employees, and harness advanced technologies in today's evolving business landscape.


Sentinel House
36 Oakwood Hill Industrial Estate
Oakwood Hill
IG10 3TZ
United Kingdom


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