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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023


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Remark AI UK Limited

Stand: A12
  • Access Control & Biometrics
  • CCTV & Surveillance
  • Data Analytics
  • Systems Integration
  • Video Analytics / AI

AI-driven video analytics for enhanced safety, security and identity

Remark AI delivers AI-driven video analytics to private and public sector organizations looking to take security and business operations to the next level. 

Working with existing security infrastructures, our video analytics provides enhanced security protection 24/7 with real-time alerts and visualisation dashboards.

Choose Remark AI for:

  • Facial Recognition
  • Protective equipment compliance (PPE) / monitoring
  • People counting / crowd detection / intrusion detection
  • License Plate Recognition / ANPR
  • Public Health / Body temperature checking
  • Access control / unauthorised access alerting
  • Understanding consumer behaviours
  • Loss prevention
  • Investigative evidence


New Kings Beam House
22 Upper Ground
United Kingdom


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  • Detect, track and monitor everyday operations at scale and speed Video analytics for enhanced safety, security and identity with real-time alerts for increased organisational efficiency:
  • AI-driven video analytics with real-time event alerts

    For enhanced safety, security & identification

  • Remark AI for detecting fire and Smoke

    Remark AI uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to detect and identify hazardous smoke and fire.

  • In this instance Remark AI's video analytics has been integrated with  an existing survelliance system.

    A typical use case: Real-time vandalism detection by monitoring object or people activities

  • Recognizing pedestrian attributes is an important task for video survelliance.

    Remark AI delivers full analytics and operational insights using your existing cameras and systems.

  • Optimising traffic flow, business operations and the saftey of individuals at scale and speed 

  • Remark AI Smart Safety Platform (SSP) is an AIoT platform performing real-time face, pedestrian, vehicle, and object analytics on existing security cameras with low deployment requirements

  • People and vehicle detection
    Optimising traffic flow, automating business operations and increasing passenger safety at scale and speed. 

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