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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

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Pimloc Limited

Stand: E111
  • CCTV & Surveillance
  • IT / Command & Control / OT
  • Risk, Resilience & Compliance
  • Systems Integration
  • Video Analytics / AI

Pimloc is a British tech company with a mission: to advance visual AI systems in the interests of people and their freedoms.

Pimloc’s world-leading AI powers our video privacy, redaction and analytics platform: Secure Redact - tailored for live or captured security video. Automatically blur personal and sensitive data for data compliance and incidents, and facilitate the responsible use of live video with anonymised real-time people and vehicle analytics, activity-based live alerts, and wider data sharing. 

We are creating the trust and privacy layer for mass-scale video usage. We believe that private and public organisations can leverage mass-scale video to provide online services, improve physical security/safety and optimise business operations in real time, whilst respecting and preserving people’s privacy.


Pimloc Ltd. New Wing
Somerset House, The Strand
United Kingdom


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  • Blur faces and number plates with world leading video redaction Automatically blur faces, heads and number plates in images and video to protect personal data for DSARs and incident reports; and to al ...
  • Why choose Secure Redact? Secure Redact is powered by the world-leading machine learning platform for classification and redaction. It is tailorable, and proven to reduce time, energy and resources. 
  • Pimloc, the AI video privacy and analytics company today announces it has partnered with Marlowe Fire & Security, a leading UK supplier of fire and security solutions. The new partnership sees Pimloc’s SaaS video redaction solution, Secure Redact, added to Marlowe’s portfolio of security solutions, enabling end users to automate the anonymisation of personally identifying information (PII) captured in video surveillance.

  • Intelligent video systems have the potential to transform manufacturing processes, enhance security measures, and improve employee safety.

  • Pimloc, a leading AI video privacy and analytics company, today announces the launch of new audio redaction capabilities to its industry-leading Secure Redact SaaS platform. The new feature, which is available through Pimloc’s integration with Medialogix - a specialist provider of Digital Evidence Management Systems (DEMS) to a large number of police forces in the UK - enables users to selectively anonymise audio in video evidence to comply with data protection regulation when shared in court, with the public or in Subject Access Requests (SARs).


  • CEO of Pimloc, Simon Randall, writes on the power of video in healthcare and how video can be responsibly managed for security and efficiency, whilst protecting privacy. 

  • Pimloc, the company using artificial intelligence (AI) to anonymize personal data in videos, today announces the hire of its first sales leader in North America, Tom Fashola, who will serve as Vice President of US Sales

  • Body-worn camera specialist, m-View Live Video, has announced a strategic partnership with AI video privacy and analytics company, Pimloc.

  • UK-based privacy technology company Pimloc has unveiled the launch of its CloudConnect API for secure video redaction, aimed at mitigating the risk posed by a rise in enterprise video capture.

  • The security marketplace is, apparently, constrained by the need for great privacy – it appears to be a zero-sum game – you can have privacy, or you can have security, you can’t have both.

    Our CEO Simon Randall talks through the latest in surveillance cameras and CCTV analytics and what the changing data laws across the world will mean for security companies. 

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