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LINEV Systems UK

Stand: C50
  • Forensics
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Screening and Scanning
  • Systems Integration

LINEV Systems UK LTD specialises in high-quality low-dose security equipment for people X-ray screening, parcel, baggage, cargo and vehicle X-ray inspection, with class leading image quality & customer focused after sales servicing & support.


Cross Channel Business Park
Mount Pleasant
CT12 4AU
United Kingdom

  • Clearpass C.I.

    22 May 2023
    Clearpass C.I. The latest Body scanner from LINEV Systems
  • DTP 7500/320

    22 May 2023
    DTP 7500/320DV vehicle scanner is a state-of-the-art innovative technology for inspection of any type of vehicle: cars, buses, loaded vehicles and loaded trucks. Digital processing of X-ray images mak ...
  • The CONPASS SMART System is designed to obtain projection X-ray images of a person. CONPASS SMART TR is most effective when searching for swallowed and stuffed objects, as well as objects hidden in th ...
  • The BV series of baggage scanners. This innovative, smart scanner went from an idea to a solution, with the latest AI features, flare detection & industry leading image quality. It is ideal for stadiu ...
  • The new Clearpass C.I. mobile Body Scanner.
  • DTP - Vehicle Scanner

    02 Jun 2023 Tim Betts
    DTP system in operation at DP World in Ecuador 
  • Introducing LINEV Systems Vol 3

    22 Aug 2022 Tim Betts
    Introducing LINEV Systems Vol 3 - Account Manager - Chris Howard
  • Introducing LINEV Systems Vol 2

    16 Aug 2022 Tim Betts
    Introducing LINEV Systems Vol 2
  • New Baggage Scanner Range

    02 Jun 2023 Tim Betts
    The New BV range are high-resolution, baggage inspection systems with the ability to automatically detect prohibited objects and threats through class leading image quality & the latest AI,
  • Introducing LINEV Systems Vol 1

    12 Aug 2022 Tim Betts
    The first video showing off LINEV Systems. More to come.
  • Tougher security rolled out across the prison estate in England and Wales has intercepted almost 20,000 attempts to smuggle illegal contraband behind bars. New X-ray scanners have intercepted almost 2 ...
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