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L3 Security & Detection Systems

Stand: C41
  • Screening and Scanning
  • IPP Member

L3 Security & Detection Systems (L3 SDS) is a leading supplier of security screening solutions with systems deployed and supported around the globe. L3 SDS has developed and manufactured cutting-edge products for more than 30 years, using advanced technologies that include networking; 3D computed tomography; active millimeter wave imaging; automated, conventional and high-energy X-ray; radiation detection; metal detection; automated tray systems and ion mobility spectrometry trace detection.

L3 SDS solutions are used by the aviation and transportation industries, regulatory and customs authorities, government and law enforcement agencies, commercial and other critical infrastructure. Applications include the screening of people, vehicles, baggage, cargo and packages for explosives, firearms, drugs, contraband and corporate assets.

As a trusted partner of choice, and always on the leading edge, L3 meets the most demanding customer expectations and regulatory requirements. L3 solutions use upgradable software-based architectures that address current security needs and will counter future and emerging threats.


Astro House
Brants Bridge
RG12 9BG
United Kingdom



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