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24-25 SEPTEMBER 2024

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Himera Radios

Stand: G109
  • Communications
  • Drone/Counter Drone
  • IT / Command & Control / OT

The HIMERA project was created as a response to challenges experienced by Ukrainian Armed Forces in the current war with russia. HIMERA is the result of the collaboration between highly experienced hardware and software developers who were working with frontier communication technologies before the full-scale invasion. 

The product was specially created to supply the Armed Forces of Ukraine with affordable and at the same time secure from enemy influence personal communications equipment on a massive scale. HIMERA provides a Low Probability of Detection, Low Probability of Interception, a high degree of data encryption, and protection against communication jamming, and is made to support situational awareness. An important advantage is an ability to use the product not only for voice transmission, but also for high-speed data transmission, so the HIMERA communication system can be used on the battlefield as part of C4ISR - “Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance”.




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