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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

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Eomax Corporation

Stand: A20 Canadian Pavilion
  • CCTV & Surveillance
  • Communications
  • Intruder Detection / Monitoring

Eomax designs and manufactures Wolf Pack, a man portable, multi-mission imaging platform that enhances the effectiveness and safety of operators. Wolf Pack combines night vision, thermal imaging, low-light colour, and specialized optical tools, in a unique multi-configuration networked system architecture.


235 Carlaw Avenue
Suite 202
M4M 2S1


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  • An operational Wolf Pack assembly includes a camera, video display (or wireless transmission module), camera extension (or camera mount) and power source selected from a wide range of system component ...
  • The DF3d Flat Panel Display is a balance of operational simplicity, advanced features, light weight, and durability. The DF3d displays video imagery from any Wolf Pack camera module, both standard and ...
  • Wolf Pack Alpha extendable system poles equipped with any Wolf Pack camera module, allow operators to view hard-to-reach or dangerous areas from a position of relative safety. Using a tripod adapter o ...
  • The PB3d Intelligent Power Module has been designed to address the realities of many field operations. Standard rechargeable Li-Ion radio batteries provide extremely high-power density leading to long ...
  • Wolf Pack SuperMesh+™ is a mobile ad hoc mesh network that allows operators to quickly and easily deploy multiple Wolf Pack camera nodes in a variety of environments and stream video from these camera ...
  • Wolf Pack Networked Tactical ISR

    18 Aug 2022 Eomax Corp.

    Wolf Pack is a high mobility, rapid deployment imaging system designed to expand situational awareness across a broad range of mission environments including tactical ops, interdiction, PSD, and SAR.

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