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28-29 SEPTEMBER 2021

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Stand: B92

ASL GRP are specialists in the manufacture of bespoke lightweight armour, ballistic and blast protection systems. Designed and manufactured for your specific vehicles, high-speed or patrol vessels and compound protection. ASL GRP’s armour protection levels range from BR2 up to Stanag level 3 and NIJ IV.


Leigh House
Main Road
Isle of Wight
PO38 3NL
United Kingdom
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  • Legion Aramid

    06 Sep 2021
    Legion Aramid is predominately used for ballistic spall liners and is idea for lower levels of protection (handgun and light machine gun). Aramid spall liners are commonly mounted on the inside of a v ...
  • Legion Polyethylene

    06 Sep 2021
    ASL GRP’s Legion Polyethylene panels are a lightweight armour designed to protect against ballistic attack. Vehicle, vessel and personnel protection up to BR6.
  • Blast suppression blankets are used to suppress the blast fragmentation from an explosion that can cause damage and injuries.
  • ASL GRP's Attack Resistant Composite (ARC) is designed to protect both the occupants and the exterior of the vehicle in a riot or hostile situation. ARC is shotgun resistant, fire retardant and a dire ...
  • Legion Anti-Cut

    06 Sep 2021
    Rigid Anti-Cut or Flexible Anti-Cut solutions, ideal for use in Cash in Transit (CIT) or high value transportation vehicles.


  • Anti-Cut testing

    07 Sep 2021 KP

    ASL GRP Anti-Cut panels are designed to protect both vehicles and compounds from physical attack. We offer a Rigid Anti-Cut or Flexible Anti-Cut solution.

  • Our Blast Suppression Blankets are designed to suppress the blast fragmentation from an IED contained in a small package.

    Independently tested against 400m/s (Level 1) and 500m/s (Level 2) fragments.

  • ASL GRP's Attack Resistant Composite (ARC) is a structural composite designed to absorb impact from projectiles. Designed by our specialist team to suit a variety of different applications.

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