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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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04 Aug 2021

StronGuardRCS - Impact Tested Fencing

Barkers’ StronGuard™ RCS is the only standalone PAS68 accredited fence. It is also part of our super-durable, aesthetically pleasing range of our renowned StronGuard™ palisade fence. It has been designed to protect Critical National Infrastructure from increasingly frequent and severe hostile vehicle mitigate (HVM) attacks. StronGuard™ RCS delivers unrivaled defence against vehicular attack or accidental obstruction. Being engineered with anti-cut technology makes it resistant to impact from saws, cutting, hammers, jacks, levers, power tools and hand tools. It is easily combined with other security measures which include toppings, PIDs and electric fences, forming a comprehensive physical fortress. These products have also been deployed by Network Rail to mitigate the risk of roach vehicle incursion on rail infrastructure, preventing harm to employees, the public and infrastructure. In a whitepaper detailing recommendations for protecting rail infrastructure against accidental obstruction by road vehicles, Designers, Architects and Specifiers hailed StronGuard™ RCS as a crash-rated solution where crash barriers can’t be installed. Barkers is proud to manufacture the only palisade systems accredited to PAS68: Stronguard™ RCS25 stops a 2.5 tonne vehicle traveling at 30mph Stronguard™ RCS75 stops a 7.5-tonne vehicle traveling at 30mph.

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